Day Trading at Starbucks on Your iPhone 4S – Is That Really Working?

The other day, I was at Starbucks and someone had one of those new Apple iPhone 4S smart phones, and they were busy doing day trading. It was rather interesting to watch them, and listen to what they were saying. They were wearing a little headphone type situation, with a little microphone, all attached to their ear.

How to Handle E-Mini Futures Day Trading

S&P 500 E-mini futures day trading is a way for many to do market trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange or CME. Day trading in the E-mini S&P 500 is much easier and the investor does not need to come up with a large margin coverage dollar amount in order to get started. It is easier because in any given day a person trading in E-mini futures can stop, sell, and buy quickly without the complication that is typically associated with buying and selling stocks on the S&P 500.

Trading Terms For Beginners

Most industries have their own terminology which to outsiders can be confusing and the language of traders in particular can seem like another language. Here is a selection of common terms which are significant for traders operating in the City. Bear Market: A market where prices are generally seen to be falling.

5 Tips to Start Trading CFD’s

CFD trading can be a very competitive, and high risk market especially for new traders. With a few tricks up the sleeve, and by becoming better informed, one can close that risky gap just a bit more. Most of these tips are better understood, and utilized prior to the first trade. This makes them ideal to anyone just starting, and they also apply to other aspects of trading too.

Binary Options: Gambling? I Don’t Think So

For various reasons people associate binary options trading with gambling. The reason to that is simply because options are traded in an unpredictable area, which might sound like gambling, but unlike gambling in trading binary options, you can use your financial knowledge to develop a trading strategy that works.

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