E-Mini Trading: Trading in “Barbed Wire”

One of the toughest times to initiate an e-mini trade is when the market is going sideways. During these periods of time the Average True Range on the YM contract is very low and the market movement is cramped and indecisive.

Monthly Income Investments: A Logical Move to Make Ends Meet

Monthly income investments are a way to make sure there is still money coming in even if there is no longer any job to provide for a steady monthly income. This is especially important for those who just retired.

What Is The Forex Market?

The foreign exchange market – Forex or FX is the leading liquid financial market with over $3.2 trillion trade volumes, daily. Trading world currencies for profits is the sole objective of the Forex market. The profit yield is high, so is the risk. Investors can participate across the global markets either individually or with the help of a broker.

Emini Trading – The Trading Learning Curve

How long can it take to become a good emini day trader? There is a right answer and a wrong one. Beware of the latter. Don’t be afraid to embrace the former.

Emini Trading – How Many Charts Do You Use for Trading

How many charts are you using for trading? Too many or too few? Is there a right number of charts?

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