The Nikkei Is Starting to Show Signs of a Bottom

It can be easy to remain bearish on Japan, as their economy has been mired with troubles since it’s peak in 1989, but their are some subtle signs that Japan could be attempting to put in some type of bottom. As a market technician, I’m less concerned about the macroeconomics of trading and more concerned with what the technicals are telling us.

Stock Trader or Treasure Hunter?

For the past millennium, treasure hunting has been a popular human activity. While we may think of the activity as currently being relegated to archeologists and eccentric rich people with too much time on their hands, I propose that there’s a modern job that is actually another form of treasure hunting: stock trading. I speak from experience, because since early 2006, I’ve been a treasure hunter.

E-Mini Trading: Learning to Trade With Range Bars

The vast majority of traders seem to focus their charting exposition on time-based trading bars. It seems to me that e-mini traders use time based charting techniques simply because they are popular, but it behooves a trader to explore other important and valid charting techniques that have some specific advantages in interpreting market data.

Secrets of Successful Traders Review: Does It Actually Give Sound Trading Advice?

Getting involved in the stock market is essentially gambling, albeit in a more formal setting. The right investments can make you hit the jackpot, while poor choices can make you virtually penniless. However, unlike gambling where most are games of chance, there is a human element involved to become successful in the stock market.

The Iraqi Dinar News

There have been a heap of Iraqi Dinar updates for the past two years and one of these is the current trading value of the Iraq currency which is nearly 1175 to 1 US dollar. Another anticipated updates is the awaited revaluation of Iraq’s currency because from the moment that this awaited revaluation will take its occurrence, three Dinar will be equivalent to 1 US dollar. This is a promising event for lots of investors who have invested in it.

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