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Should the Beginning E-Mini Trader Start With the ES?

The beginning e-mini trader’s preoccupation with trading the ES (the S&P e-mini contract) mystifies me. Often when I am approached by a new student, he or she invariably wants to learn to trade the ES contract. I often have a difficult time persuading them that there are contracts better suited for beginning traders.

What Is the Most Effective Way to Learn to Trade E-Mini’s?

This is a question that I am frequently asked in the course of daily business. The term “effective” is the most important part of this question. There are many ways to learn to trade, but some are time-consuming and very ineffective. On the other hand, the term “effective” may refer to which method is most cost-effective.

Should the New Trader Start With Technical or Fundamental Analysis?

Many new traders are predisposed to a certain style of trading and begin their trades with fundamental analysis. The ever growing concern of insider trading leads the author to believe that Technical Analysis is a much safer system for the new trader.

Nano4x Forex Broker Review

Not everyone has the same skills when it comes to earning money, and we all know that not all businesses will make you earn the same amount of money. Some people will tell you that the trades and the Forex markets will bring in the most earnings, ad it is true, if you know how they work.

Way of Starting to Earn Money on the Forex International Market

Forex international market is the largest market in the world, by daily trade volume. With hundreds of billions of dollars traded every day there are many opportunities to make substantial profits. Daily fluctuations in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) rates ensure that a well planned investment will yield a handsome profit and there are several tools available to help an investor make these profitable decisions.

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