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High Frequency Trading And The Stock Markets They Are Raiding

If you are a day trader trading stocks to make money, then I would suggest to you that your days are numbered honey. Indeed, 50% of the stock markets volume comes from high-frequency trading algorithms. These computer systems sit in rooms as close as possible to the stock markets computers, often in the same building, and therefore their electrons initiating the trade get there ahead of everyone else.

Overcoming Fear As A Day Trader

The mantra chanted by characters in the novel “Dune” by Frank Herbert included the statement “Fear is the Mind Killer”. Indeed it is, and fear will cause you to consistently lose money as a Day Trader? You may never actually be able to lose your fear as you see the market fluctuate and your investment bounce up and down, but proper preparation before you enter can minimize it. Here are a few suggestions.

How to Be Fearless in Your Trading

In a previous article I discussed how inappropriate FEAR is something that keeps people from their goals or making positive progress or reaching a level of fulfillment. Remember, Fear does serve us in some cases, but more often than not we create fears within ourselves based on misconceptions. So it’s really not fear that holds someone back.

Understanding Day Trading Basics Is the Key to Becoming a Successful Trader

Understanding day trading basics is an essential part of becoming a day trader. There is a vital difference between day trading and investing which has to be understood by anyone wishing to get involved in stock market trading.

Day Trading Courses Offer a Wealth of Information on Market Trading

With current financial situations looking grim, many people think about putting things on the back burner until the markets start to pick up again. On the other hand, intelligent people see this as an opportunity to be taken advantage of and they get stuck in.

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