Exact Bitcoin Price Targets for 2021 (Latest SHOCKING Data)

Banks and Financial Institutions Embarking Towards More Predictability

The future of banking and financial services has become more unpredictable. This industry is facing high profile challenges and difficulties due to increasing business and customer demands.

The Start of 2013 Finds More Countries Searching for Rare Earth Metal Supplies Outside China

News of further initiatives has emerged at the start of January 2013 to find secure supplies outside China of the rare earth metals that are so important to the future of clean technology and the manufacture consumer electronics. A Polish mining group specialising currently in copper and silver has announced plans to purchase exploration licences in a number of countries in order to explore for rare earth metals. The chief executive of KGHM Polska Mied said the intention was to become a “multi metal” company and that the group felt it had a responsibility to supply the…

An Overview of Canada’s Economy

Globalization bound Canada’s economy with many countries but during the global recession its economy did not suffer so much and continues growing. Main sectors of Canada’s economy show why it is so.

Causes for Filing PPI Claims

Originally, Payment Protection Insurance or PPI was designed to protect an individual from burning off his property and/or a good credit rating should he become ill or made unemployed through redundancy. In a matter of a couple of years however, many banks and other banking institutions saw sales of PPI guidelines as another approach to earn money.

Home Mortgage Eligibility: Determining Qualification

It is important for interested home buyers to understand how home mortgage eligibility is determined. This article explains what aspects are considered when determining whether an individual qualifies for a home mortgage.

Don’t Run Away From Credit Problems

Many of us have had to face a creditor, whether for a credit card, a mortgage, a car loan, or any other type of financing. As soon as money gets tight, we run away from the problem. We think that running will make it go away, but we know that’s not true. Some of us borrow more money hoping to “solve” the problem. But, we are robbing Peter to pay Paul, and the debt load just gets deeper until we are stuck on the edge with nowhere to go – but down.

Uranium Funds – New Game Changers for the New Year

This deficit may be clearly understood through the supply and demand figures from United States of America which houses 104 under operation nuclear power reactors. The reactors collectively produced only 4mllb of Uranium in 2012, while consuming 55mllb during the same year.

Characteristics Of The Precious Metal Gold

This article describes what gold is, it’s attributes and why it is so valuable. It details how gold is measured, and what 24K means. Learn the forms of gold that are available for investment.

How Banks Create Money Out of Nothing

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about the way banks create money is that the central bank simply prints more of it in the form of paper bills and coins. In actuality, the amount of currency circulating in the financial system amounts to just a fraction of the amount of money recorded by banks in their books. The rest is created by banks, essentially out of nothing. How do the banks do this? Here is a brief overview.

What’s in Your Stimulus Package?

Here are 5 easy tips to stimulate your economy. Stay calm. If you are panicked, you will not be healthy.

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