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Learn to Lose Money the Right Way

Day trades can have two possible outcomes; winning and losing. It’s important to let winning trades run. It’s also important to know how to properly exit a losing trade without emotional attachment.

How to Hedge Your Blue Chip Stocks Using Contracts For Difference (CFDs)

Hedging a blue chip portfolio of stocks on the ASX or UK stock exchanges is much easier than you think. Contracts for Difference or CFDs are the preferred way to hedge your blue chip stock portfolio and you actually get paid for every day you hold your CFD position short. Simple, easy and available to those that qualify.

How to Pick Dividend Stocks Amongst Penny Stocks Carefully For Maximum Profits and Without Loss

Dividend stocks are the best bet to invest particularly of those companies that has regularly offered dividends to its shareholders in each financial year. In fact it has been observed dividend stocks has on an average appreciated more than 10% since 1926. Even when the stock markets had failed badly, these are the stocks that continued to survive the fall and maintained level in spite of the turbulence. Now it is important to learn which amongst dividend stocks one needs to invest since not all stocks that declare dividends does not live up to its expectations as is expected amongst dividend paying stocks. So to learn more on choosing the best penny stocks keep reading more.

Discover How to Hedge Your Stock Portfolio Using Contracts For Difference

CFD Trading is one of the most versatile and fast growing financial products in the market today. Very few people realize that many professional traders use Contracts for Difference or Index CFDs to hedge an existing share portfolio. Most traders have a mindset around CFDs that relates to trading for short term profits but there is another side for those who look to use more sophisticated methods of hedging.

Intraday Trading Tips

Intraday trading, or day trading, is volatile and fast. You’re going to need a lot of patience and experience to rally master day trading, but these few tips should help you on your way.

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