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The Trading Servo-Mechanism

One of the most amazing books I’ve read is called Psycho-Cybernetics written by Maxwell Maltz and originally published in 1960. One thing he talks about is servo-mechanisms. Basically, in my interpretation of this, servo-mechanism is synonymous with ‘subconscious mind’ or ‘higher self’ or ‘infinite intelligence’, if you will. This has a HUGE bearing on Trading and Investing.

Learning From Trading Losses

Most of us want to be as perfect as we can. We do not want to experience failure or setbacks or roadblocks. In fact, most of us have been raised that failure, in any case and at any time, is ‘bad’ and success is ‘good’. So if that is the case, then thinking in a very simplistic and logical manner, one would say that you avoid failure and welcome success. You do everything you can to avoid failure. Even if it means NOT TRYING.

The Advantages of Forex Trading

The term “Forex” is in fact an abbreviation for Foreing Exchange, which means the exchange of all existent currencies. Whenever someone comes into the market to trade currencies (for example to buy one currency like the US dollar and sell another one like the Euro), he or she does something known as exchange trading, or simpler Forex. Due to the fact that the currencies are always on the run, suffering continuous value modifications because of the local and global fluctuations in the countries’ economy, it’s always easy to make a profit from it.

Do I Need Software to Help Me With Forex?

Forex marketing is something that has saved many people’s pockets from going totally dry. Forex is the market of trading currencies that nowadays has become available for everyone to access and work it. Even so, you must understand that not everybody has the sense and talent for trading currency, not to mention that a prior trading is necessary before starting to work with Forex.

Pay Maximum Attention As a Beginner in Forex Trading

Forex trading is the short term for the long term of “foreign exchange trading” and it comprises all the selling and buying of all the currencies on this planet. Who knows…

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