Government Crypto Lockdown (Axie Infinity Disrupting South America)

How a Futures or Forex Day Trader Should Use an Online Day Trading Plan to Be Successful

Every day trader engaged in online day trading the futures, stocks, options or Forex markets should have a trading plan in place that serves as their road map during every trading day. Entries and exits from the market traded should never be random. There always should be a reason behind each trade taken by the online futures or Forex day trader supported by their own trading plan written by them.

Online Day Trading – Dangers of Over and Under Trading to the Online Day Trader

One very important aspect of trading which is often overlooked by the novice online day traders engaged in online day trading is the number of trades to be taken during the trading day. Should they take just a trade or two during the day or trade as many as a hundred times during the day? It is very important for every trader to evaluate their trading style and see if they are over or under trading their particular style or system.

What Is Forex?

Forex is simply a change in currency. When will you need to do this? When you go overseas for a holiday, or a business trip. You need to change your money from your countries currency to the currency of the country that you are visiting. This exchange can be use to explain what Forex is about.

Buy Low and Sell High: What Does It Really Mean?

Unless you are brand new to trading, you have likely heard it many times. It really is very important too, so if you don’t understand how to buy low and sell high, then this article is going to hopefully open your eyes and give you one of those “oh yea” moments.

The Greatest Tips For Day Trading

All stock and option traders wish they had some kind of a crystal ball to make the next trade. Just think of the wealth that could be created! Well, we all know there is no such thing as a crystal ball that could predict the future. But what if there were clues that a trader could view that could give the likely direction of a stock within the next 24 hours and do so with a high percentage of accuracy? Read my following article to see how to get a glimpse into the future…

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