Happy New Bitcoin Year! (Bullish Signs for 2022)

Spread Betting Strategy – Stripping the Dividend

Spread bets give you the advantages of investing in shares without the inconveniences. One of the most sure-fire date-driven strategies is what is known in the hedge fund industry as ‘dividend stripping’. The most common idea behind dividend stripping is that the share price drops on the day the dividend is declared by an amount which is similar to but not exactly the same as the dividend.

The Mass Appeal of CFD Trading

The similarity between traditional trading and CFD trading is that they make money on moving share prices and other investment instruments. In both the cases you need to have some knowledge of the market scenario around you to make sound judgment and split second decisions. What Is A CFD?

Things to Consider Before Trading For a Living

As a professional options trader, I can say that it is an exhilarating career. But there are a few things to consider before jumping in. This article discusses some of the most common questions associate with trading for a living.

Why Most Options Traders Fail

There are three common reasons that most new options traders fail. This article looks in depth at what the most common reasons are, and how to defeat them.

Emini S&P Futures Day Trading Can Be Highly Profitable

Specializing in trading the Emini S&P futures is not difficult. It is much easier than selecting individual stocks for day trading. In the beginning you can paper trade. Many traders trade Emini S&P Futures and make a successful living.

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