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Invest in Reliable Stock Trading Software for Quick Returns

Is it possible for every trader in the equity market to read a stock market chart showing historic and current trends and understand from the various indicators how the shifts in patterns affect day trading, futures and options or margin trading? Absolutely not, so the best option would be to get hold of stock trading software that can make the process much easier for you by evaluating numerous stocks from around the world and providing up to date information that helps you make timely interventions into the market. The stop and entry price are indicated clearly.

E-Mini Trading: Why the Obsession With the ES?

For aspiring e-mini traders, the contract of choice always seems to be the ES contract. I don’t understand that reasoning because the ES is among the most difficult of contracts to trade profitably. There are many reasons for this, which we will talk about later in the article, but the obsession with the ES, and the inevitable results, make it an unsatisfactory contract for new traders to start their trading careers.

E-Mini Trading: How to Set Your Stops Correctly

Setting stops that give you, as an e-mini trader, adequate protection against catastrophic loss and profit targets that maximize your return is an important step in your e-mini trading education. Needless to say, there is a wide variety of opinion on methodology on this topic. To be sure, there are even traders who trade without stops.

Purchasing A New Computer For Trading Futures

Trading futures can be very frustrating and confusing especially for novices who are just starting out. What is even more frustrating and confusing is determining which computer you need to buy so that you can buy and sell real time.

Disciplined Day Traders Sit On Their Hands

The term we often hear “sit on your hands” applies to every style of trader.  It is arguably more relative to shorter term day traders since we rapidly move in and out of trades.  The basic definition of “sit on your hands” is to WAIT for our entry rules to signal an opportunity.

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