How to Pick an E-Mini Trading Room That Will Work for You

In recent years, I have noticed a distinct change in the way that new traders are approaching a career in e-mini trading. I want to make it clear from the onset that this article contains observations that I have made and are in no way reflective of any sort of scientific research. My observations are strictly trends that have affected my personal e-mini training experiences; that being said, these observations are similar to what other trading room operators have shared with me.

Order Flow Analysis and Support and Resistance

It’s not unusual to hear novice traders claim that they trade support and resistance. To be sure, it’s not unusual to hear just about any trader claim that they trade support and resistance (SAR). So I suppose we can take it for granted that just about everyone is trading SAR and accept that fact at face value.

Market Timing Needs Mental Preparation

Being mentally prepared is tricky, before starting the day, a good whiff of how you want your day to go is helpful. Envision yourself trailing along with the market trends, liquidating daily profits and coping with losses at ease. Data collection, pattern recognition, risk management plan and noting reward opportunities through detailed research, are the essentials.

The Truth About Binary Options Brokers

Binary Options brokers are proliferating over the internet nowadays. Also, we need to consider that the rate of traders is increasing at the same pace. Is there a correlation between these two events? Traders seeking transparency will find out everything they need to know about their broker right here.

How to Prepare Yourself for These Two Unpleasant Trading Situations

Do you know what are the 2 most unpleasant and emotionally demanding times for every trader? Stagnation and drawdown. If you want to know how to handle these situations, read this article.

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