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3 Tax Return Tips For Small Businesses

For your business to be on the safe side of law, you need to prepare tax returns. As a small business owner you need to understand how to properly prepare the returns. To guide you through, here are some tips that you should follow.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold: Startup Valuations And The Liquidation Preference Overhang

So you work for a startup that has raised gobs of VC money and is about to be sold for many millions of dollars. Great, right? Not exactly. If the liquidation preference overhang looms, you may walk away with nothing. The liquidation preference overhang is kind of like musical chairs when a company gets sold, where the chairs are the money, and the VC always gets a chair.

The Equity Documents You Should Always Have on File

It’s hard to read legalese and figure out the stack of paperwork you receive when starting a new tech job. We’re here to help. Below we provide a list of the paperwork relating to your equity compensation that you should always have in your personal records.

5 Common Residential Finance Questions of Home Buyers

Worried about finding the perfect residential finance for your property? Do not worry. This article provides satisfactory answer to your every home loan question. Read it today and become an informed home buyer.

Are You Ready To Sell Your Business? Part 1 of 2

When a business owner is ready to retire, close a business or to sell your company, it is important that he or she knows what the company is worth. In this article, we’ll explore business valuations, the economy and the business owner’s mindset and how they impact a potential sale.

Need or Want? Having the Wisdom to Know the Difference

“Needs” and “wants” are vastly different. When looking for working capital an entrepreneur must thoroughly understand his or her needs and build the case for capital around those needs. Building a plan around “wants” will more often than not lead to frustration and disappointment.

What Is the Binary Options Trading Winning Strategy?

Binary option trading requires knowledge and the use of winning strategies to get better results in the long term. Following a strategy can increase the chances to be more profitable but the trader must stay realistic and know that success is not always achievable. There are times when following a strategy can still lead to failure, but the risks are lower than not having a strategy at all.

What Is Business Acquisition Capital?

Business Acquisition Capital is the capital required by a business to acquire or merge with another business, through stock and/or asset purchase. While business acquisition capital is commonly sought out, securing capital and the best financing terms for an acquisition can often be an extremely daunting and challenging task. In most cases, the acquisition capital involves different layers of financing, including bank financing, mezzanine financing, private equity, seller financing or asset-based financing. Each type of financing criteria comes with its own unique set of evaluation criteria, cost of capital, expectations, deal terms, and covenants.

The Lemonade Stand: How To Value Your Private Shares

I always find it easiest to boil businesses down to lemonade stands. Lemonade stands are simple business structures. They have very few inputs (ice, sugar, lemons) and really only one output (lemonade).

How Do Minimum Wage Laws Affect Me?

How wage control laws cripple an economy. A wage increase may sound good to you but read on to learn more.

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