INSANE Bitcoin Movements Coming SOON (Bitcoin will OUTPERFORM Altcoins )

Does Higher Percentage Returns Really Equal Higher Risk?

This is a quick article depicting the commonly known correlation between percentage returns and risk. An investment is generally seen as higher risk if the returns are higher. But this is not always the case, especially when it comes to options trading.

E-Mini Trading On A Simulator Versus Trading With Real Cash: What’s the Difference?

I have met my share of individuals who were e-mini trading superstars on the simulator and couldn’t bring themselves to trade successfully with a live trading account. To be sure, everyone struggles a bit when they are ready to transition from simulator trading to live trading.

How Traders Can Guarantee Success – Never Quit, Always Learn

When people are initially drawn to the stock market, many have expectations of becoming millionaires inside of 6 months. When this doesn’t happen, and they’ve lost much more than they’ve made, they lose interest and leave the market. They quit. What they don’t realize is that if they put in the time to learn a proper trading strategy and stick with it, they can be very profitable. This article talks about the importance of persevering through tough times as a trader and how it will eventually lead to your success, even if you’ve been trading without success for many years.

Is Top Options A Good Choice For Trading?

When you are looking for a platform that can help you carry out your trading deals, you will find too many options. It is important to choose the best ones among them which will fulfill your criteria and serve your need as well. Top Options is one of the leading broker platforms and here we will check out the main features of this platform and what makes it a popular choice.

Seven Steps To Becoming a Successful Trader

This is a quick article about a book I read by professional trader, Alexander Elder. It is an awesome book and highly recommend it. Consider this my review.

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