Is BitClout Dangerous in 2021 (Latest on NFTs, Crypto, & Markets)

The Far Reaching Implications of the Bitcoin Protocol

Bitcoin is more than just a cryptocurrency, or money for the internet, it is a set of programming protocols that can be applied to any information system. Bitcoin has become something of a fad in the west, used by the technologically savvy as a means of displaying wealth in our increasingly virtual world. In contrast, to those in developing nations, Bitcoin provides an opportunity to participate in a global financial system that was previously inaccessible.

High Levels of Mortgage Debt in the UK

Should UK borrowers be overly concerned about their large mortgage debts? Certainly with interest rates at an all time low the cost of servicing a large mortgage has rarely been cheaper.

Are Mortgage Lending Criteria Becoming More Flexible?

There has been a significant increase recently in the number of home loans being approved by banks and other lending institutions in the UK. This is to a large extent due to lending criteria becoming less stringent.

Why Borrowers Are Increasingly Seeking Specialist Mortgage Advice

More and more borrowers in the UK are using the services of mortgage brokers to secure the right mortgage. Brokers have been increasing their market share as customers want to draw on their financial experience.

Low Interest Rates Lure Property Investors to France

Brits have always been attracted to the idea of owning a second home in France and rates are now extremely low. But there are other issues to consider such as new tax regimes and other charges that apply to property owners.

Good Debt Vs Bad Debt

Excellent Debt vs Bad Debt – We are accustomed to perceive of debt as 100% derogatory. And also, it can make sense: all financial obligations, regardless of the kind, can be bad number in your possessions, lowering your family’s net worth.

Five Things That Don’t Affect Your Credit Score

When you start learning about your credit scores, it’s easy to get paranoid about the numbers. But, there are a lot of myths about actions that will affect your credit rating, whether negatively or positively.

Top Tips for Aspiring Independent Brokers

Change is always scary – at least at first. For financial advisors, leaving the safety of the large firms housed in the towering skyscrapers of Wall Street and starting their own consultancy may sound like an overly ambitious and herculean thing to think about. However, many have done it before and there’s no reason for you to not accomplish the same feat. While it’s not a walk in the park, it’s feasible and can be highly rewarding.

Banking Regulations Play a Vital Role in Getting Banks Back on Track

Initially, banks were known to be in the business of making loans and gathering deposits. They were held in high esteem in the eyes of common man as well as the federal government. Years before the economic meltdown that occurred in 2008, bankers exchanged their slow but steady business in order to obtain financial gains and trading profits at a faster rate.

Capital Raising

Capital raising has many pitfalls. To avoid some mistakes that others have made in the past, here are our top three, most costly capital raising mistakes: Capital Raising Mistake #1: Having a 2-4 month capital raising goal. It is important in the capital raising game to set concrete goals and timeframes for meeting those capital raising goals.

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