IS CARDANO ADA DEAD??? (Urgent Update)

FOREX Investing Made Simple – “Just What Is Social Investing?”

It’s common knowledge how important it can be for new investors to develop a strong contact support base through online networking. Until the Internet, it was generally difficult for the new investor to meet important people that could influence their success opportunities. Social websites have broken down many of these barriers and expanded our opportunities a hundred fold over the recent past for finding new income strategies. A dedicated social investment network permits investors to literally look over the shoulder of world class day trader investors, “in real time,” and copy their trades…

Three Different Types of Traders

Being called a day trader, swing trader, or position trader is both a badge of honor and a title. The majority of traders entering the field come through one of these gateways. Depending on the book they’ve read or the guru they’re following at the time, a trader can feel a sense of belonging.

Day Trading Using the Relative Strength Index

The Relative Strength Index, or RSI, is a simple measurement of price momentum used in technical analysis and day trading strategies. The popular chart metric compares upward and downward movements over a certain period, usually measured over 14 days. It is generally more reliable than simple momentum measurements that can be distorted by openings that differ greatly from a stock’s previous close. The metric oscillates in value between 0 and 100, indicating that a stock is technically overbought or oversold when it passes fixed levels. These signals can then be used to indicate when to buy or sell a stock while day trading.

Which Binary Options Broker Has Better Customer Support and Asset List – IKKO or GTOptions?

When one is familiar with binary options online trading there are only two things that would make him choose one broker over another – Assets and Customer support. In this article I have compared IKKO Trader and GTOptions based on these binary options trading features.

FOREX Investing Made Simple – Pros And Cons Of Forex Trading? – Maverick Investing Series

Forex is the largest traders market in the world, trading close to four (4) trillion dollars worth of currencies daily. It is open 24 – (Monday through Friday 24 hours a day). Let’s review the primary “Pros” and “Cons” of this market’s minimum capital requirements You will need to setup a brokerage account with a reputable regulated broker. Many online brokers are not “regulated.” We suggest you completely stay away from these…

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