Is Jack Dorsey Right? Bitcoin Replacing The Dollar. (BEST Case For Bull Market Recovery)

Trading Psychology – Are You in Denial in Your Trading? A Solution to Trading Bias

Have you ever fought a trend, trying to sell each higher high? Trading on the wrong side of the market is never constructive; holding onto that bias can be highly damaging. See how denial works even in smart people and how to deal with it effectively.

Steady Trading Income – The Key to Making a Living Trading Online

The key to steady trading income is automated trading systems. This article gives you an overview on how to build your own automated trading system just like the ones used by professionals on Wall Street.

Day Trading Options For Profit and Wealth

Let’s face it, one of the biggest cries you hear about trading stock options is that it is too risky. In reality though, there is less risk involved with “options” than there is with trading the actual stock. It is an easy way for anyone to create massive wealth very fast!

Day Trading Strategies

What does the term intraday trading encompass? what are the different types of strategies that are employed by intraday traders? Lets remove the financial jargon and really understand the true meaning of intraday trading. Read on for a basic explanation of day trading.

The 3 Critical Elements to Being a Successful Trader

Before I define the 3 Critical Elements to being a Successful Trader, it is prudent that a distinction is made between “investing” and “trading.” Investing, by its very nature, can be defined as the activity of accumulating financial instruments and assets (often shares) on the premise that their collective value will appreciate over time. Trading on the other hand is the practice of utilising information and resources (both fundamental and technical) to buy and sell financial instruments purely for the purpose of profit.

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