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Residential Lettings Market Strengthens

Landlords have continued to see rents rise in the residential lettings market in many parts of the UK. However, new government schemes are starting to help first time buyers get on the property ladder.

Opt for Credit and Marriage Counselling Before These Worries Defeat You!

With each passing day, the world is becoming a smaller place. Opportunities are multiplying on one side and the population on the other. The rich-poor divide has widened. This leaves the financially downtrodden with less access to tackle their day-to-day issues.

More Power and Ease of Use With QuickBooks 2014

While I have not had this version long, nor have I moved my data yet, I’m excited about many of the new features this year, especially in Enterprise Solutions. This version seems to address several pain points that have been issues for quite some time – some big, some small. But lots of small ones can add up to maybe making this a worthwhile upgrade. This article focuses on Pro/Premier. We’ll discuss Enterprise next time.

How to Get a Mortgage If You Are Self-Employed

Self-employment has taken the world by storm and for reasons beyond the control of individuals. The rocky economy is especially the reason for this. Hence, many people are left without any hope of being serviced with a mortgage.

The Process of Putting a Mortgage in Place

It is never an easy task to buy a home, especially if you are starting out. The fact that you are looking for a home indicates that you are ready to do so, as this is the first step toward putting a mortgage in place.

Top Tips for Hiring the Best Bankruptcy Attorney

Facing a financial crisis could be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. More often than not, people tend to file for bankruptcy, as a means to come out of the situation. It is always preferable that the bankruptcy is handled by an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Pros and Cons of an Interest Only Mortgage

In the current economy it is difficult for some people to get hold of a property. There are a few options to that one might consider. Regardless of this, the options all have pros and cons attached to them. It is therefore a good idea to weigh these up before you make any decision.

Danger Ahead – Internet Information Overload!

I recently woke up one morning and found that my little finger on my right hand had ‘gone to sleep’. Obviously, I must have slept in an awkward position I thought to myself. No doubt you’ve found that this has happened to you. Just a few minutes later and all is well as the blood gets going. Well, this time a good hour later it still felt strange, akin to pins and needles with a certain numbness. I still managed to play real tennis, but a few days later decided to be sensible and made an appointment to see my GP. Before popping along I had the bright idea of looking up my symptoms on the internet.

Minimize Exposure To The 2013 Income And Investment Tax Rates

Our income is taxed in a progressive manner. As your income increases, it slips into higher tax brackets where it’s taxed at a higher rate. But before your income is subject to these tax brackets, it must exceed your exemption and standard deduction. Otherwise you pay no tax.

Fixed Versus Adjustable Mortgage Rates

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions most people make in their lifetime. It is a huge investment and for many the idea of committing to a mortgage is a stressful experience. This article will show you the difference between fixed versus adjustable mortgage rates and what type of mortgage is best for you.

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