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How Cutting Down Spending Prolongs a Crisis

Whenever times get tough and the financial stability of a state is threatened, people tend to panic. And panic leads to a complete block in the long run, because of the mentality that ensues due to the panic.

Major Australian Cities Show Big Surge in Home Prices

Home prices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane have spiked up amid a backdrop of Australians not wanting to take on any kind of debts. The increase in housing prices may have been fueled by Chinese investors as capital cities showed a jump of 1.3 per cent last month while Sydney had a surge of 2.4 per cent.

Retirement Investment Choices Between Guaranteed Income, Safe Income, And Growth

Considering how to invest your retirement money can make you crazy. But if you think through the reasons for choosing which type investment (or combination) is best for you, you can recover your sanity. So, let’s review the reasons for choosing each of the 3 retirement investments: guaranteed income, safe income, and growth.

IRC Section 1031 The Best Tool For Selling A Farm Or Ranch

If you have a highly appreciated property for sale and you plan to sell it, then the IRC Section 1031 Exchange is the perfect for you. This strong powerful tool helps to increase wealth and saves you from paying heavy taxes.

The Pros And Cons Of No-Load Insurance Products

Annuities and life insurance the main insurance products; they’re typically sold on commission by an insurance agent. This essentially increases their cost to the buyer. On the other hand, products sold directly by an insurance company without the use of an agent have reduced costs. They’re considered ‘no-load’ insurance. Let’s consider their pros and cons.

President Obama: Emancipation 2013?

A simple but difficult action by President Obama putting Congress To work for “We the People” and jump starting the US economy creating millions of US Jobs, while beginning the Emancipation from Corporate Governance of “We the People.” Corporations have record, profits and productivity, and owe “We the People” just a little risk taking which will actually enhance Corporate profits in 2014 and 2015! Now is the time for President Obama to take this simple action!

Plan Your Retirement to Maximize Social Security Benefits

Understanding how to plan and what to do is essential when the time comes to retire. If you take the steps needed before the retirement age, you should have already nailed down a plan and be following it. A lot more people are now planning for retirement at a younger age to ensure that they are ready when it comes time to walk away from their careers.

Do I Need Life Insurance?

The idea of life insurance goes back to at least as far as the ancient Romans. You may never live to enjoy the benefits (unless you opt for a policy with a savings element) but for those you leave behind the financial security is essential. So why are as many as 30% of Britons not using life insurance to protect their loved ones?

What Is Tax Return?

Tax return is a form of tax that requires to be filled with government body for declaring taxation liability in numerous countries such as United States, Australia, Canada and United Kingdom. These are filed every year based on regular income (wages), dividends, interest and capital gains.

Ghana Life: Inflation and Sharia Banking

In 1976, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi, celebrated its silver jubilee and Lord Bowden, then Vice-Chancellor of the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), was invited to give a series of lectures in the Great Hall of the university as part of the programme to mark the occasion. At the time, the major international economic concern was rapid inflation and Lord Bowden was asked to recommend a solution. He said that the answer was given in the Quran: anyone who borrowed a camel should in due time return a camel to the lender. Now thirty seven years later, it has been announced by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, that the City of London is to be the first non-Islamic centre to issue Sharia bonds (sukuk) as part of a plan to give London a major role in international Sharia banking. Inflation is no longer the priority economic concern, so does the Quran provide an answer to all of modern banking’s woes?

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