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Introduction to SIPPS – SIPPs or ISAs: Which Is the Best Option?

This article aims to aid in the education of the novice investor by investigating the performance of both SIPPs and ISAs. The key features of both are investigated and analysed to see which offers the best solution for individual circumstances.

Introduction to Investment Funds – The Principles of Fund Management

This article aims to aid in the education of novice investors and students of financial services by investigating the principles for the truly effective management of investment funds. The major considerations are looked at in terms of the role they play in ensuring that the standard of management of an investment fund is capable of delivering upon its objectives.

The Many Applications of Mortgage Software

When it comes to mortgage software, there are a lot of options available in the marketplace. Determining which one is the best fit for you or any individual consumer of the business entity really depends on what type of business they are engaged in, and what applications they will be using the software for.

Financial Control – Do You Have It?

Financial control is defined as the point where someone is in charge of maintaining a central system that is devised, formulated, and approved to be the guidance regarding the accounting methods and procedures of a company. It is the one thing that can make or break the success of a business. It is the skill that every business owner should possess right underneath the skill to provide whatever product or service they offer.

A Debt Free You

Imagine what it would be like to be debt free. I’m talkin’ no credit card balances, no student loans and no mortgage. Nothin. Just money in the bank. And you have assets that produce income to cover your monthly nut.

A Steady Supply of One Rare Earth Metal Is Important to the Future of LEDs

The EU has banned the use of old-fashioned light bulbs for household use from September 2012 and the cleaner alternatives are fluorescent or LED lighting. LEDs depend on a supply of the rare earth metal Indium, currently mostly produced in China.

Grants for Seniors: The Untold Story

Nothing compares to the happiness of spending more time with your family. To watch your children grow and share life’s wonderful stories and lessons with loved ones is, indeed, priceless. Thus, growing old is inevitable and, as much as we do not want to, time will come, things will not be the same as they used to be.

Teachers’ Grants: A Hail to Modern Day Heroes

If there is one thing so special about being an educator, it is that the more you work in the profession, the more you have to spend for it. For some anomalous logic, the rule of hard work and profit seems not to apply when you teach. You will profit less if you want to provide better quality education for your students, that is, digging from your own pockets to buy the necessary school supplies for your teaching.

Investing in China Capital Markets: The Easy Way

Most investors, today, are interested towards exposure in Chinese Industrial sectors. Coupling your hard earned money with China’s growth wagon makes for good business sense. Almost everybody, It seems has encouraging remarks when asked about investing in China’s Industrial Growth… “There is much more room to expand further for the economy.” It’s an almost positive story that entices even the veterans of the market. A lot of how’s & whys spring up when investing in Chinese Markets. “Are there any tax implications? Which sectors in China will grow fastest?… Will I get margins on my holdings? Is the investment fluid enough?”…

Is A Private Pension Plan The Right Move For Me?

The government recently announced that from 2012 pension reforms would take place which would eventually see all working members of the UK automatically placed onto a pension scheme. The purpose of the scheme is simply to ensure that British citizens are as prepared as can be for their retirement years; years which are now increasingly difficult to endure as a result of the on-going economic recession and the worst period of austerity the UK has seen in over fifty years. As a result of the 2008 economic recession and the on-going double dip recession; interest rates and inflation…

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