Discover the Risks of Trading Index CFDs Before Jumping on Board

Trading success can often be the result of minimizing your losses and this very point is emphasized when trading a highly leveraged product like Index CFDs. In fact the golden rule of trading success can be found in the old trading maxim: Cut your losses off short and let your profits run and if you are able to follow this formula for success you should be on the right side of the ledger more often than not.

How to Use Inside Bars to Enhance Your Trading Edge

Inside bar trading is a little known technique that professional traders use, and one that they would like to keep to themselves. It eliminates questions, minimizes emotions, and is a reliable mechanical exploitation of natural market phenomena.

Can I Get Rich Fast by Day Trading?

There is a perception that day trading is a get rich business. This perception has drawn thousands into the day trading business, only to have these new traders hopes let down. Day trading is not a get rich quick business because there are a number of skills to master before you are competent.

How to Use the MACD Indicator

MACD is one of the most popular technical indicators in the world, many traders use it. But do you know how to properly use the MACD technical indicator? This article will tell you how.

Day Trading Profit Secrets – Why Do You Need Proper Education?

You see the ads in the magazines, on television in the newspapers. People just like you are making a fortune from day trading. Why shouldn’t you?

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