A Trading Lesson From Curlers and a 2 Year Old

An interesting thing I’ve noticed about my 2 year old, Charlie, is that what he goes through and how he reacts when learning a new skill or experiencing a new part of life is EXACTLY how many adults act when trying to take on new skills or goals… namely learning how to TRADE and INVEST consistently and profitably. Walking and talking (vocabulary) are two skills that, when born, he had no ability whatsoever in either. Just like most of us when we are learning to trade and invest. We start from zero.

How To Become A Successful Swing Trader In Stocks

Swing trading can be highly profitable trading activity. It is even more profitable than day trading. The stock market is like a casino. It is a fact that only 5% of the traders are successful in making consistent profits. A loss in the stock market makes a person wiser. It is possible to make consistent profits in the stock market. A trader needs the right approach and the right set of tools.

Tips To Master The Art Of Trading

Every trader dreams of making big in the stock market. It is not easy to make money trading the stocks. It requires persistence and ability to hear the message of the market. Markets are always imperfect. Their behavior depends on human emotions like fear and greed. News is another culprit that influences the decisions of a trader. A smart trader is the one who eliminates the noise and concentrates on his trades.

When Do You Transition From Part Time to Full-Time E-Mini Trading?

This is a question I am often asked by individuals as they progress in learning how to trade the e-mini contracts. To be sure, it is a question I am usually very reluctant to answer because of the far-reaching ramifications to traders of finances, money management and ends some cases, even relationships.

E-Mini Trading: Embrace the Lifestyle, But It’s Not Without Risk

From the onset, let me say that individuals who begin careers in e-mini trading fail at an alarming rate. This high failure rate is the result of a variety of problems including: poor trading methodology design, poor trader execution, lack of experience, no formal in e-mini trading, the list is a long one. On the other hand, there are new traders who find a good methodology and execute their trades with precision and enjoy normal success for a new student.

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