Beware Of Limited Benefits Of An Immediate Annuity For Medicaid Planning

Medicaid can pay for your long term care in a nursing home. But it’s a program only for the poor. Applicants must have very limited assets and income before Medicaid will pick up the costs of your care.

Two Big Obstacles to Wealth

There are two huge obstacles to accumulating wealth. One is taxes and the other is interest payments.

Mobile Banking and You: 5 Tips for Consumers

There are numerous advantages to mobile banking. Check out ways to to accomplish your banking needs using your laptop or smart devices.

Is a Buy to Let Property Still a Good Investment?

For many people, buy to let properties have been a good investment in recent years in the UK. However, as with any investment, buy to let is not without its downsides and profits are often less than landlords anticipate.

Borrowing for an Investment Property Is Now Cheaper

The increasing competition in the UK mortgage market coupled with government schemes to encourage more affordable lending have resulted in cheaper mortgage interest rates. Some of the deals available are now the lowest they have been for many years.

How Will Borrowers of Large Mortgages Cope If Interest Rates Rise?

For nearly five years, mortgage borrowers in the UK have been able to take advantage of an historically low base rate to cut the monthly cost of their mortgage repayments. But when the base rate is eventually put up there are many millions of UK home owners who will be significantly impacted by the rise.

Five Practical Tips for Managing Your Business Checking Account

Many people mingle personal and business accounts, but there are reasons this is not a good idea. View these valuable tips for managing your business checking account.

How To Fund Your Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

The purpose of an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) is to keep the death benefit of life insurance on your life out of your estate so as to eliminate the estate taxes that would rob some of those proceeds when you die. It keeps it out of your estate by the trust owning the life insurance policy on your life. If you own the life insurance policy on your life, then the policy’s death benefit will be added to your gross estate when you die, and thereby increasing your estate taxes.

High Net Worth Mortgage Market Is Prospering in the UK

The mainstream mortgage market in the UK has been subjected to a number of crises brought on by the economic slump. But, conversely, the high net worth mortgage market servicing those looking to borrow…

Low Deposit Mortgages Have Higher Interest Rates

Research has revealed that there is a substantial difference in the cost of a mortgage depending on the level of deposit available. For those with a small deposit, the headline rates advertised are probably unachievable.

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