Choosing a Trading System

When choosing a trading system, it is necessary to consider the frequency of trades. This could increase profit factor and give you more trading opportunities.

Binary Options Broker – How To Choose The Best One

Looking for the best binary options broker? Read ts article and learn how to find the best binary broker to start your trading business!

Option Trading Strategies: Your Guide to Reliable Investing

Are you looking for some alternative option trading strategies to help you in your investment ventures? Do you wish to effectively handle your finances and soon make your money work for you? If yes, read on and see how some useful and practical trading strategies and other investment techniques can help you out.

Understanding Trend Lines in E-Mini Trading: Types and Angles

I make it point to sketch in a trend line on the e-mini charts I trade. I don’t use the automated trend line programs that have become very popular of late. No, I prefer to draw my trend lines manually using the tops of each bar range, as oppose to drawing trend lines based upon the close of each bar.

E-Mini Trading: Where Have the Trend Lines Gone?

As I look over the myriad of e-mini trading charts I receive from past students, friends and interest bystanders I have noticed that the diminutive trend line is often missing from the chart. I am not sure when the decline of the trend line began, but I have noticed that other trading indicators seem to have become more “in vogue” for traders than the simple trend line. In my formative years of trading, which are far enough in the past to become a bit embarrassing, the trend line was a key component of any chart.

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