The Biggest Battle In Crypto (Bitcoin & Ethereum Fighting For #1 Spot)

Ways To Make Money With Money Using Forex Against The Stock Market

The currency exchange market is also being referred as the spot market or Fx spot market. It has much to do with a kind of trading or dealing where at least two currencies of different nations. That is to say that as a result of international trade or businesses that exist between many nations, they need to buy and sell, or should we say deal in currencies to balance payments and receipts with regards to their economy. This dynamic market was started in the 70’s, meaning that the currency dealing market has been around for over 3 decades now. It is interesting to know that this business model is only based on either selling or buying of currencies.

E-Mini Trading: Trading Pivot Points Effectively

Let me say from the onset that there are a great number of individuals who rely heavily on trading daily pivot points in their e-mini trading. I am not one of those individuals, but I do chart daily pivots as a frame of reference in my trading.

E-Mini Trading: Overleveraging Yourself Out of the Business

I’m not convinced that lower day trading margins have served e-mini traders, especially new traders, and a positive way. Low day trading margins give a new trader a tremendous amount of control over a large amount of money, more money than he or she is probably ready to trade.

E-Mini Trading: How Long Until I Make Money?

If you read the slew of trading websites and Internet advertisements you would think e-mini trading is similar to taking money out of an ATM machine. I wish it were that easy. To be a consistent trader an individual must master a number of disciplines in e-mini trading.

Indices Back at the Races

Now that’s more like it! Thursday’s action on the indices was just the ticket. I’d been dithering a bit because of the signal of one of my favourite indicators, the McClellan Oscillator. But yesterday’s gains blasted away my lingering doubts about the rally. I did take profits on my FTSE position late afternoon.

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