The Real Reason The Economy Is Suffering (Why Bitcoin Will Save Us)

When to Change a Trading Strategy

Many novice day traders, perhaps even most, suffer from an affliction I call strategy jumping. This common practice happens when the trader, seeing a string of losing trades, decides that their trading system is no longer working.

Business Games and Investing – Paper Trading

I have been trading stocks and stock options for decades to, and while I can’t say that I found the magic formula to consistently profited my investments every time I can point toward something I’d do the as helped me improve my results over the long haul. What’s the best part about this method? It’s absolutely free.

Intraday Trading Tips and Strategies

In Stock Markets intraday traders seek tips and use various strategies and techniques to make profit. In this article I have attempted to explain some basic trading tips on strategies and techniques used by intraday traders.

How to Generate Day Trading Signals

Day traders – the elite of market participants, who buy and sell stocks, options, commodities or currencies quickly throughout the market day, aiming for fast and regular profits. To these fast guns, reliable day trading signals are their business’ lifeblood. How does the successful day trader generate his or her signals? This article examines three approaches to generating your own day trading signals and alerts.

Scalp Trading the Stock Market For a Living

Scalp trading is a high speed style of trading where you buy and sell a stock within a time frame of seconds to minutes executing many transactions within a day. Although you will be looking for gains of only 1 or 2 pennies per trade, when you consider the amount of shares you will be flipping, this can amount to healthy profits. Furthermore, you can still make a profit even if your trade ends up flat.

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