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The Battlefield Of Discipline in Trading

You need to understand that no amount of goals setting without discipline can lead to success. You cannot succeed in trading without discipline. No one can succeed in any business let alone trading without absolute discipline. Discipline is the bedrock of successful traders. It’s the discipline that separate human accomplishment from human failure, successful traders from unsuccessful traders, winning trades from losing trades

Trading Psychology: How Important Is It?

If you are a student of the markets, or if you have traded to any large, then you are probably very familiar with the term “Trading Psychology.” The question I hear most often is one that asks how important is trading psychology when it comes to making it as a professional trader. As a futures trader, I can say without a doubt that in my own trading, my frame of mind is one of the most important, if not “the” most important part of profitable trading.

The Power of Your Mind in Financial Trading

It’s part of normalcy of human behaviour and attitude to initiate argument with reality of trading, but I am only writing not from theory point of view but pragmatic. Desire is focal point of all achievement. It is the master key to unlock ingenuity and unfathomable success in any field of endeavour in life. It’s this desire that will make you think trading as a business, perhaps will make your ultimate monetary dreams a reality…

CFD Trading Tips – What You Should Know

There are many different kinds of CFD trading strategies, some strategies are long term, some medium term and some short term. Each type of CFD strategy suits a very different style of trading and of course trader.

3 Reasons to Choose OptionSmart QQQQ Picks

OptionSmart uses automated trading vehicles to send options trades automatically to your broker, never miss a beat with an alert. There are 3 good reasons OptionSmart gives you the edge up on the daily trades, weekly alerting, daily updates, and seamless integration with your broker.

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