TOP 5 CRYPTO ALTCOIN PICKS (out of the top 20)

Merchant Cash Advance – An Alternative To Small Business Financing

When a company gets a merchant cash advance, the trade is something connected with the procurement and selling of future credit card income. Here, no regular fixed payments will be required by the company.

Young People Abandon Hope of Buying a Home

20 per cent of young British adults have abandoned the ambition of owning their own home. This is due to continuing difficulties for many first time buyers to secure a mortgage.

Don’t Underestimate Off-Shore Healthcare Versus Medicare Benefits

Moving abroad for retirement can really lower your living expenses considerably. That way, your income can go a lot further. But Medicare won’t pay for your medical expenses that you incur off shore. That can scare a lot of retirees from moving abroad. But is this something that should scare you?

Should Banks Offer Advice to Interest Only Borrowers?

UK lenders have now been instructed by the Financial Conduct Authority to contact customers at risk of defaulting on their interest only mortgages. It is estimated as many as 300,000 borrowers will struggle to pay back their mortgages in full.

How Easy Is It To Secure a Large Mortgage From A Mainstream Lender?

Since the start of the economic downturn, most high street banks and building societies in the UK have tightened their underwriting criteria. However, there are signs that some mainstream lenders may be responding to the demand for large mortgages.

Financial Prosperity Now

This article deals with the quest to receive and experience financial prosperity today. It looks at principles people who are successful financially follow.

Make Sure Your Medicaid Trust Will Be Allowed

Paying nursing home long term care costs for just a year or two can deplete your savings or cut into you intended legacy for your children. But Medicaid will pick up the cost if you’re poor. Arranging ways to transfer or convert your assets to make you poor enough to qualify for Medicaid has become known as ‘Medicaid Planning’.

Financial Analyst Certification

Navigating the world of education can be tricky, especially in the area of finance. This article exams some of the current options and includes the pros and cons of each.

Wealth Management Guide For Singles Over 65

Financial planning strategies for singles differ from those for couples, globally. Primarily because couples do have a spouse for back support where as singles do not; and in most cases, the senior singles happen to be women.

A Family Limited Liability Company Vs A Family Limited Partnership

A family limited liability company (FLLC) and a family limited partnership (FLP) are legal entities set up to help manage family assets, afford protection from creditors, and help reduce estate and gift taxes for transferring family wealth. Understanding how they benefit you is very important taxwise.

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