WARNING – Ethereum Crash! (Evergrande MASSIVE Failure)

Why You Shouldn’t Listen To Financial Talking Heads

The scariest people that futures, forex and commodities traders have to deal with are the “predictors.” Usually, these are the talking head “experts” on television, who claim to know exactly where a market is headed. If you are trading any instrument at all, you absolutely need to avoid these folks. So, who are they, why are they popular, and why should you avoid them?

Foreign Exchange Trading – An Overview

Foreign exchange trading market is a market, where currencies of different economy are traded. Here, currencies are bought and sold against each other’s value. This trading market is the largest market in the world, as over a thousand billion dollars are traded in a single day.

Penny Stock Trading and the Importance of Avoiding High Commissions

Trading Penny Stocks brings along additional risks while trading as compared with more traditional, higher priced stocks. When talking about Penny Stocks, different people have varying definitions of what they actually are. Many traders and investors consider stocks priced below $5.00 fall into this category while others have a price ceiling of $2.00 or even $1.00.

Best Online Trader – 4 Features You Must Look For When Looking For The Best Online Trader

Finding the best online trader or broker is not that hard. It just takes a little time. There are four important features to look for. You’ll learn about those here. The information should make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Why Do 90% of All Day Traders Fail in the Stock Market?

One of the most common statistics that financial pundits state about the stock market is that 95% of all Day Traders Fail in the stock market. The obvious question is why? Why do the fail at such a high rate. More importantly, why do new traders enter the stock market every single day knowing that the odds are stacked against them.

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