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Trading In Binary Options: 6 Tips On How To Be Successful

Trading in binary options is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to make a little extra money on the side in a short time. This type of trading is basically speculative but if a trader gets it right, he or she can make a profit within an hour. Those new to the trading market may have some idea about binary options but even then it wouldn’t hurt to have a few tips to help them make a successful foray into it.

Emini Trading Systems – On Abuses of Emini Trading Systems

E-mini futures trading systems can be profitable if used correctly. Or they will lose you money if subjected to abuse. It’s the issue of potential abuse, that can have many faces, that we discuss in this article. We focus on the abuse of the very concept of the trading system. If this term (concept) is abused, what may appear to be a trading system actually is not.

Types of Accounts: Style, Sweep, and Interest-Bearing Account

Should you operate as a corporation or a sole proprietorship for purposes of deducting your trading on your taxes? I cannot say. I suggest you work with a competent tax professional in order to discover what works best for you. Many allowances that were passed through when day trading was a new phenomenon are no longer passing muster with the IRS, and you may find yourself in deep trouble if you don’t handle your situation properly from the outset.

E-Mini Trading – Much Cheaper Than the Pit Margin

It has become increasingly popular to trade e-mini markets. Many stock companies are offering these electronic markets to their clients with little to no instruction. While on the surface they may seem new and exciting, there is little to no difference between the e-minis and the pit-traded futures markets. In fact, whether you are trading the electronic markets or the pit-traded markets, the way the symbol is quoted doesn’t change. The layout of the typical futures market symbol; market, month, and year are all the same. The primary differences between the two different types of markets, e-mini versus pit, revolve around reduced commissions and margins.

What Does Forward Guidance Mean in Forex?

There seems to be a new trend in monetary policy statements lately and it is known as forward guidance. What does this entail and how can it affect forex trading?

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