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E-Mini Trading: Is Decision Bar Worth Using?

There are a wide variety of software programs available to assist e-mini traders in their trading endeavors. Some are quite helpful, others less so. Today I intend to discuss a popular program called Decision Bar.

Why Most Poker Players Can Be Good Traders in the Stock Market System

If you will search on the internet, you will find considerable amount of articles discussing the connection between trading and playing poker. Most of these articles claim that poker players tend to become good (even the best) traders in the stock market system. You may be surprised to find out that some successful traders are ex-professional poker players.

Sign Up at Equity Trading Academy and Be Educated

The stock market is becoming more and more popular not only for businessmen but also to people who are hoping to earn money on the side as well as to home-based freelancers. Equity trading strategies can be the easiest way to build wealth and with online trading, it is no sweat. Even greater news is that everything about trading can be easily learned by anyone with the fervent desire to be successful in life and to earn great profits. That is why they invest in stock market trading training in order to know as much as they can about the business.

Equity Trading Process: How and Where to Start High Frequency Trading

Many people came to know that the trading business is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. There are a lot of opportunities to earn money in trading. Before, trading is a business that can be done only by financial firms and businesses to trade stocks with stock brokers. However, because of new technology in today’s digital society; computers and internet paved the way for online trading. Now, people at home or at the office can also take part of the trading market because of revolutionized trading system. In fact, the equity trading process has sparked an interest in traders…

Where to Learn High Frequency Trading in Private Equity Trading Firms

High frequency trading (HFT) is nothing really new to Wall Street or the New York Stock Exchange, but it attracted a lot of unwanted attention already because of the flash orders that stirred some controversy on some traders. High frequency trading is not illegal. It is one of the types of trading that takes on minuscule opportunities in private equity trading firms.

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