Worst Time To Get Arrested (2021 Crypto Meetups)

A Quick Introduction To Behavioural Economics

The study of human behaviour, which has traditionally come under the umbrella of psychology, would seem to have little relationship with economics. But, as we learn more about how the brain works through the dual disciplines of neuroscience and psychology, there is an increasing marriage with the field of economics, in order to better understand how people make financial decisions. This has evolved considerably in recent years and is an emergent field that deserves a little introduction and explanation.

Tips On How To Spend Your Windfall Income

As individuals, especially workers we sometimes get windfall incomes in forms of bonuses, profit shares, etc. However, a lot of the time the temptation is to spend the money on acquiring a new car, new clothes, shoes, new phones, among other things. While acquiring these things in themselves is not a bad idea, it is wiser to use windfall incomes for things that will have long term positive impart on our lives especially because we do not have a full grabs of what tomorrow will bring.

Investment Banking – 2 Main Types to Know About

Investment banking companies are very popular and are necessary in order to gather capital as well as offer guidance regarding monetary strategies of corporate organizations. Read and know about the two primary types of investment banking companies that tend to exist.

Twitter – A Perfect Fit for Microsoft?

Twitter, recently beat down in price by earnings may present an excellent opportunity for Microsoft to acquire and integrate into its Office suite. This article provides several examples of how Twitter may benefit Microsoft by providing a powerful social network component.

Comparing Invoice Factoring to Bank Lending

Many people mistakenly use the APR calculation for bank lending to determine the cost of factoring invoices. That doesn’t work. This article explains the difference between an interest rate and a discount rate and attempts to show the true “Cost of Money” comparison.

What Services Of The Best Banks To Look For Before You Open A Business Account

Opening a business account can provide you with numerous benefits. In addition, opening accounts can also help business owners improve their reputation.

The Future of Financial Services

The world has come a long way since the last time an indigenous financial service system was introduced. There is definitely a crying need to improve this traditional service and decentralized currencies like Bitcoin have shown them the way.

The Bails on the Gales

Bail-out has been a very common term in the financial terminology that most of us are aware of and has been a great escape route during the Global Financial Crisis. But, these days, a new term is taking over the Global financial market with a lot of pace. The term is ‘Bail-in’. The name has emerged as the alternative to bail-out and is taking over the market like a whirlwind.

Notional Cash Pooling

Cross-border cash management is expected to become very complex for multinational firms due to new banking regulations. Please read this article to know more about notional cash pooling.

The Financial Business Model: 5 Keys to Long-Term Success

Why do so many businesses fail to make profits and achieve their financial goals? The answer is simple because many business owners simply ignore one or more of the 5 keys to financial success.

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