XRP to LEAD Explosive Altcoin Rally (Will PUSH Bitcoin to $100k)

The Easiest 1,600 Pounds I Ever Made Trading Stocks (And Worst)

The story of how I made an error in the markets and ended up winning over 1,000 pounds. It was November 2008 and I’d been trading full time for only a couple of months.

Finding a Futures Trading Edge

In this article we demonstrate what a trading edge is and the process of finding an edge. A trading edge is simply a statistical probability that your trade has a higher expected probability of working. Most system developer’s biggest error is over optimization of parameters.

An Introduction to Trading and Tips for Beginners

Introduction to Trading: The word Trading is a generally abused and misjudged term. Today trading means not clutching your stock positions past the current exchanging day; at the end of the day, not holding any position overnight. This is truly the most secure approach to do day exchanging in light of the fact that you are not presented to the potential misfortunes that can happen when stocks are shut because of news that can influence the costs of your stocks

Quantifying Market Inefficiency or Behaviour Beyond Randomness

So what is an algorithmic/quant trading system? When we day trade we have three things to every positions; entry price, stop price and target price. What determines each of these factors is a human decision based on an estimation that our entry will make a profit. Some traders have a set plan, other trade from there gut, but regardless of trading style each entry either consciously or subconsciously is based on definite rules. We are aiming to model this market behaviour and quantify it into a series of rules. Whether you are working on technical analysis, fundamental news or price action we aim to breakdown your entries into a series of rules which can then be tested against past data or data on various markets.

Effective Stock Trading – A Glimpse on Investor’s Moods

The stock market is complex arena of modern economy. It is stability factor and strength indicator of the whole economy but its own edifice hinges on investors’ mindset/behavior towards technical/fundamental factors of a share / business. So that, the efficient stock market and effective stock trading demands knowledgeable, wise and stable investors.

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